Friday Favorites



Is it me or has this week also gone by exceptionally fast? The city is heating up so it feels like you’re permanently roasting in an oven. All I can think about is milkshakes and basil lemonade! My basil plant is growing slowly but surely and it’s so good in lemonade!

#1 I had a terrible baking disaster this week. I attempted to bake cinnamon rolls and failed miserably. In spite of using weighed ingredients and the correct kind, the dough just wouldn’t come together. It took me almost an entire day to make – with the rising and proofing etc and at the end, I had to throw away the entire batch. Ugh. Anyone know any bread baking tutorials I can look at?

#2 My bestie sent me this article recently (which proves we are SO in sync, aren’t we Nayana?) and its beautifully written. As you know, happiness as a subject intrigues me and reading this article about the evolution of happiness over time was such a good read. Relieving, really – I don’t feel like such an old maid anymore. Or at least feel guilty about being one! Check the link here.

#3  I also came upon this list of  ‘65 Books You Need to Read in Your 20s‘ and have already started by purchasing The Emperor’s Children on my Kindle. So far, so good. The list in itself is an excellent compilation. It already features some of my favorites – Kerouac, Tina Fey and Hemingway – they’ve been on my to-read list for too long. I can’t wait to take this list on!

#4 If you happen to be at any of the Indigo Deli outlets, be sure to try the Brownie Milkshake. I had it last week and can’t stop dreaming about it since. In fact, I cleverly scheduled a lunch meeting there tomorrow to drink my weight in the milkshake! Whee!

Photo Framed:
cookies and cream chocolate cake5 wp Cookies and Cream Flourless Chocolate Cake
This cake is flourless, has cookies and a lot of cream - incredibly rich and doesn't need an ocassion! Find the recipe, here.

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