Friday Favs




I read a lot. Anything, everything that comes my way. Over the years, I’ve read too many Enid Blyton books, backs of cereal boxes, and recently, FAQ pages of my favorite bloggers. Its research really because I’m trying to create an FAQ page for myself. But the common thread in all the blogs I’ve been reading (see list here!) was a post solely dedicated to hanging up the apron strings and taking time to talk about anything. From all the talk of butter, sugar and sprinkles, it’s also important to talk about other things that are fun. From this, I hope to meet more like minded people and hopefully, we can start a community of evangelists for Kevin James (I LOVE HIM!).

#1. Bandra (my neighborhood) has an incredible selection of bakeries, patisseries and restaurants. Seriously amazing! Off late, I’ve been addicted to Orange and Chocolate Macarons, the REALLY GOOD coffee and Passionfruit & Milk Chocolate tarts at Le15. And since you’re in the area, you might as well try a Melted Belgian Chocolate and Banana smoothie at Suzette. I’m not much for crepes but I always have a smoothie (or 2) when I’m there. Not too far away, there’s Indigo Deli where I’m pretty sure everyone knows me by name. You’ll find me sipping their Green Tea with Madagascar Vanilla and splitting a Milk Bar Pie. I’m blessed really.

#2. Like I said, I love reading. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I always have a book in my bag and a Kindle app on my phone (which is synced to my Kindle device). While I enjoy reading books about cooking and the likes, I don’t restrict myself to just reading about them. Off late, I’ve been enjoying books on Philosophy. They are intense but very poignant. I love reading them and they seem to be creating a serious space on my bookshelf. I’m getting through Philosophy: Who Needs It by Ayn Rand and finished The Happiness Project sometime ago and currently reading the sequel. You may argue that The Happiness Project and the sequel aren’t philosophical books but they really, really are! They’ve altered my way of thinking on certain issues and completely make sense to me. Gretchen Rubin is one of my current favorite authors.

#3. Downton Abbey. I’m a little late to the party but I’m (COMPLETELY) obsessed with the show. Why didn’t I give in before! I love the complex characters and the scandals. I’m rewatching the series now.

#4. I’ve been reading Happier At Home and one of the resolutions the author mentions makes her life happier (in the long run) is to do something unpleasant for 15 minutes each day. This struck a chord. There are so many things I put off because of laziness or the enormity of the task. But I like the resolution. The author mentions that tackling an unpleasant task for only 15 minutes everyday seems impossible at first but there’s nothing close to the happiness you feel when the task is tackled. Check!


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