Best of 2013

2013 was a good year don’t you think? I’ve enjoyed exploring different kinds of food, experimenting with newer techniques and compared to 2012, I’m definitely pushing the envelope.

I think you’ll enjoy a recap of 2013’s finest:

#10 Brown Butter Cranberry Muffins


Brown butter kinda knocked my socks off this year. These muffins are everything you expect from a muffin – quick, easy and comes with a crumb topping.

#9 Roasted Red Pepper Sauce 


Hello fire! It’s oddly comforting, this. It requires a bit of indoor roasting but it’s super reminiscent of summer flavors smack drab in the middle of whatever season is on.

#8 Cranberry Granola Bars


I am super kicked about this. I’ve never made anything remotely healthy that I can scarf down. I’m looking to explore different flavors next year.

#7 Gluten Free Brownies 


Gluten free with a texture you wouldn’t believe – easily mixable if you have some nut flour on hand and perfectly suited to everyone, with allergies or without.

#6 Lavender Crisps


This has been the highlight of my year. Swapping cookies with new friends for the first time ever, on an international platform was one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. I was glad to know I wasn’t the only one who can talk cookies non stop.

#5 DIY Chocolate Sauce


It’s been a good year, DIY-wise. Anything chocolate is definitely a bonus. I highly recommend tossing out the over-processed high-in-refined-sugar stuff and make your own that lasts longer and is definitely tastier.

#4 Quiche Lorraine


Making this while being photographed for the first time ever and the quiche emerges as the star. Truly.

#3 Rum Caramel Sauce 


My second time working with The Home Label and it just keeps getting more fun. I think it’s because rum was involved.

#2 Homemade Mayonaise 


You need this in your life. You know you do.

#1 Chocolate Rose Cake


Countless bake sales and birthdays later, I surrender to the power of this cake. It’s known to charm the pants off everyone.


Happy new year everyone! Thank you for all the love on The Vanilla Bean!



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