Friday Favorites


I owe you all an update.

#1 I attended the IFBA (Indian Food Blogger Association) awards ceremony a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t able to stay for the whole thing but my blog was nominated (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in the ‘Best Baking Blog’ category. Thank you, to everyone who took the time to go through this space and find it worthy. Gosh, I wish I could repay you in cake. Maybe I will. Call me if you’re reading this.

#2 I also did a cook off monitored by India’s only Italian chef, Ritu Dalmia. We made gnocchi in brown butter sauce with kiwi. You had to be there, it was good. Read more about it on Miss Eating Out’s blog. I plan to make it later on during the week. Stay tuned for the recipe!

#3 If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll know I stuffed my face with cold cuts and such at a blogger’s dinner hosted by Mezzo Mezzo at the JW Marriott. The highlight (besides the Cassatta icecream) was meeting Samina of The Cupcake Confession and Karishma of Sugar Rush.

#4 I finally finished reading The Emperor’s Children. Now you may think this pales in comparison to news above but really, this was my Everest. On my next-to-read list (of which I’ve already downloaded samples on my Kindle) are ‘Receptionist: An Education At The New Yorker’ by Janet Groth and ‘It’s Not Love, It’s Just Paris’ by Patricia Engel. Just light, breezy reading to get me through October.

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Source: Annies Eats

Simple, sweet, snacky cake to get us through the week -- preferably with a side of spiced custard and a juicy book.

3 responses to “Friday Favorites

  1. I received a mail about a post sometime back – was trying to look for the Phad Thai recipe but couldn’t find it. Did u upload those recipes?

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