Friday Favorites


It feels like I’m doing a Friday Favorites post after eons and it’s only been 2 weeks. But I’m back – I’ve revamped the logo so it’s official!

#1 If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I checked 2 things off my list this week – I made a sugar cookie bouquet and a gigantic icecream cookie sandwich (which I’m going to be demonstrating for my high tea workshop next weekend! Come, won’t you?). I’ve always loved working with sugar cookies but it was doubly special because it marked a milestone anniversary of some very special people! The cake was for my icecream lovin’ grandma who sneaked off a giant wedge off for herself when she thought no one was looking. Things like this make my year.


#2 I’ve come across some thought provoking reading material in the last few weeks. Some writing just stays with you. For example, this article looks into the twisted world of well, us! We belong to Gen Y and we are unhappy. It’s a fact. Have you ever stopped to think why? Read this and tell me you aren’t convinced.

#3 This video is along the same lines but focusses more on social media and loneliness. The tone is soothing, the reality – not so much.

#4 On a happier note, Huffington Post answered my prayers – it collated a list of Instagram accounts of restaurants you must follow. Hallelujah!

Photo Framed:

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!!!! by My Cake School

Source: Cake School (via Pinterest)
My niece's 4th birthday is coming up and I have feeling this cake is going to be wiped clean. Kids and icecream is a no brainer y'all. 

Until next time,
Happy baking!

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