Guest Star: Honey Cinnamon Compound Butter

guest star

Welcome to my very first Guest Star post! I’m very excited to have Roanna Fernandes (of Jupiter Skye) rustle up a little something just for you and me in the kitchen! Roanna, by profession is an illustrator, writer, blogger and designer and wearer of many, many hats. You might also recognise her from the logo I’ve come to love that she designed.

After many email exchanges, we finally settled on something – Honey Vanilla Cinnamon Butter. Umm, say what?! Let it be known that I think Roanna is a genius! First, she designs a logo that fits perfectly and then adds all of my favorite things to butter! What’s not to love? With the festive season just ahead of us, this butter will make a very pretty, fragrant addition to my table. If I’m not too busy sniffing it, I fully plan to bake up some pound cake, toast it lightly and smear some of this magical butter. It’s equally good on your morning bagel or toast. Ro makes excellent suggestions below. I’d say make a pot of this and stick it in your refrigerator for condiment emergencies – you know the kind. I’m looking forward to experimenting with this. You?

NOTE: Roanna is very talented and has designed the following illustration with a lot of hard work and love. Please do not reproduce her work without permission. For details, see here.

Honey Vanilla Cinnamon Butter
Adapted from: M Loves M

When Rosh asked me to write a guest post for her blog, I was very excited – I’ve never really written one for anyone before, you see! I thought of so many ideas before I narrowed upon the one you will see unfold, shortly. And here’s the thing – I’m quite lazy when it comes to baking or cooking (espec. from scratch), but this recipe seem to fit perfectly as a post and what’s more – it is much too simple to not share! I tried it out sometime in April of this year, and it’s a sure favourite in my kitchen currently. What am I going on about? Why, compound butter, me hearties!
I came across this recipe first on M Loves M (a fashion and lifestyle blog that I follow occasionally), and one of my friends Magali (of Life etc.) had talked about having made strawberry butter on her blog not too long ago then so I thought to give compound butter a go! I mean… this one is flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg and… VANILLA! What more can you ask for? (Especially if your tastes are anything like Rosh’s or mine.)
What you need:
1 stick of slightly softened butter (I used Amul, quite likely the best there is, here!)
2 tbsp. of honey (Any of your favourites will do.)
½ tsp. of cinnamon powder
¼ tsp. of vanilla essence
¼ tsp. of powdered nutmeg
Mix all of the ingredients together in a jar-like container with a wooden spoon. Spread the butter on warm slices of bread, French toast, home-made pancakes or waffles, whatever you like really.
(Alternately, in case you prefer using a fresher vanilla flavouring, I’d suggest you use the tiny beans cut from a pod mixed with a tiny bit of sugar. It’s pretty delicious, the combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla that infuses with your salty bit of butter.)
Guest Post

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