Friday Favorites


There it is – Friday, again! Where is the pause button?

#1 So Where’d you Go Bernadette was a big disappointment. I’m all for a little mystery, some comedy and a peek into someone’s everyday psychopathology. I thought that this is what the book promised. I was severely disappointed and thoroughly confused. That’s not how it should leave you! I’ve gone back to the basics and have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I abandoned the series halfway through the second book but I’m back with some enthusiasm. Hopefully, it’ll stick.

#2 It’s not nearly soup weather but somehow, soup is on my mind. But before we get all up in Pho or Chicken Pot Pie soup, let’s start with some really, really, really good stock. Here’s the 101.

#3 I’m a little more than obsessed with perfecting how to curl my own hair. For starters, I bought a good curling iron (ceramic plated – very important) and I already have a good hair straightener. But I read an interesting one about the most common mistakes we make while shampooing hair. You’ll thank me when you read it.

#4 I’m a coconut person, through and through. And not just in a nutty brain kinda way. I actually love the simple, tropical flavor of coconut. This smoothie has superpowers. I can feel it, Definitely making it this weekend.

Photo Framed:

Cake at an Instagram Inspired / themed Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara' #SocialMedia #PartyIdeas #TweenParty #Supplies #instagram #instagrampartyideas #teenpartyideas #cake
Source: Kara's Party Ideas (via my Pinterest board)

I'm not alone in my Instagram addiction. This makes us look good, don't you think?

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