Making Quiche with The Home Label!

I think I don’t spend nearly enough time looking (read: ogling) at kitchenware and bakeware. But sometimes, when things like this pay off, it’s just a miraculous stroke of luck. A few weeks ago, the awesome team from The Home Label contacted me telling me about the new collection they were to launch and wanted to know if I could make them something. Ummm, YES! After emailing back and forth, we finally settled on a quiche. We all agreed that it had to be classic-meets-rustic and Rachel Khoo’s Quiche Lorraine recipe was perfect.

As the day arrived, I was extremely nervous. I did a trial run (obviously) and made everyone crazy asking them to taste it. Because the dough needed overnight refrigeration, I made a batch the night before so it would be ready for use. I made an embarrassing amount of checklists and I’m pretty sure I was reciting the recipe in my sleep. Anyway, thankfully, the shoot went off without a glitch. The team was super sweet and made me really comfortable. The photographer was extremely patient (I was petrified of my solo shot with the quiche – hate taking pictures) and the content writer and graphic designer were super nice. Hours flew by and before I knew it, the quiche was beautifully photographed. Thank you guys, for making it look so good!

You can see the step-by-step photos along with the recipe on their blog and have a look at their product collection here. I have some pictures from the shoot here:

photo 1


photo 4

P.S – Extra and really grateful shout-out to Roanna from Jupiter Skye for making the introduction. You’re a star!

3 responses to “Making Quiche with The Home Label!

  1. Cheers to you and everyone else at The Home Label! 🙂 This was definitely a fun post to read, as is the original one on their blog… the pictures were lovely too. I’m so happy for you!

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