Friday Favourites


I’m sorry for being AWOL! I’m still very much here, just not in the right frame of my mind to bake or cook. It happens sometimes – everyone needs a breather. Not that this week has been uneventful –  I promise to be back in full form next week, with a ton of recipes and some exciting news to share! 

#1 Over the last 2 days, I read Apron Anxiety. I would have finished it in 1 day straight but things got in the way. The Kindle had to be pried away from my hands. This book was just that good. 

#2 Last week, I received a bakebook I’ve been eyeing forever. After all the hard work from the weekend workshops, I decided it was time. I love blogger turned bakebook author stories – like Cinderellas of the blogger world!

#3 So apparently, I missed ice-cream month! Suits me, since I’m not a huge fan of ice-cream but I have a super exciting ice-cream recipe to share next week, to make up for the loss, of course. All in the name of research!

#4 Have you guys heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test? I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for these things. I *love* psychology, especially pop psychology. Take this test (online, free) and let’s compare notes!

Photo Framed:

Naked wedding cake from Whole Foods

I know, I know. It's not what it looks like. I'm actually furiously hunting for a cake option for my dad's birthday n next week. I love the idea of a "naked" cake. Incredible cake, rich, dreamy frosting and fresh fruit. Can it BE any better (trying to channel Chandler Bing, people)?

One response to “Friday Favourites

  1. I loooove ice-cream so I’m going to look forward to that recipe! 🙂 Why don’t you, though? And, ooh, hope you think of something super delicious for your dad.

    P.S. I’ve been thinking of getting that illustrate-y book you showed me on Instagram (you know the desserts one, I think). It seems like a good buy. Hope you feel better, god knows that I go through these phases way too often than you should. I’ll happily read all your new posts next week! ^.^ Also, I’m hopping over to that test right now. Bye!

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