Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! Writing last week’s post feels like just yesterday! This week has gone too quickly. It has been quiet too, I agree. But only because I’m definitely baking up a storm next week. Stay tuned! On a side note, I’ve finally added the FAQ section. Hope it helps!

#1 I’m a social network addict. I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest apart from Facebook. This morning, I found one of the best things I’ve read in a while. It’ll make you laugh, It’ll make you cry…

#2 Do you ever wonder why some things just are? The other day, I couldn’t put my mind to rest over parsley. I had to know why we use flat leaf for some and curly for some. Mystery solved, people.

#3 I love cooking. It’s soothing and I don’t always live in fear of over-beating or under-weighing. However, we overlook so many simple things sometimes. Look at this article. I’m off to brine my bird.

#4 Psychology is my most favorite thing. I love reading articles on advances in the field or just general things. I chanced upon this article that will make you re-think social anxiety (in pictures, so no heavy reading needed).

Photo Framed:
Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake Recipe

Source: Martha Stewart

Before you think that this an ordinary chocolate cake, let me tell you about its magic powers. They include coconut  and pecans. This is the revolutionary, inside-out chocolate cake. 

For more chatter about cake batter, see my Pinterest board here.

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