Friday Favorites


Happy Friday!

Last week + this has been a blur. In the midst of organizing two workshops, I forgot the Friday Favorites post last week. Must learn to appreciate scheduled posting much more!

#1 Pinkberry finally opened here. It seems odd to wait so much for something that is practically around every corner every where else. Nonetheless, it was very much appreciated. I went on the preview night and got myself Salted Caramel (OH YEA!) frozen yogurt with Nutella. Of course, I’ve been back twice since and tried the original and pomegranate so far. I can’t wait for them to bring in coconut and passion fruit.

#2 I found this incredibly cool website for bookworms. If you type in your all-time favorite book or your current squeeze, it gives you similar suggestions. Appropriately, it is titled What Should I Read Next?

#3 Can you believe I’ve never seen Despicable Me? I’m playing catch-up to my all movies on the list next week. Okay, I’ll admit it was looking at Bakerella’s minions cake pops that made me want to watch the movie even more.

#4 I have a thing for murder mysteries it seems. I’ve been hooked on to watching Twisted. We all need trashy TV in our lives, we do.

Photo Framed:
Swiss Chocolate Mousse Torte
Source: (Via Pinterest)

How adorable is this cake? Pretty easily achievable too. All chocolate, some technique and very rewarding. Now that
is party ready, if anything else.

For more cake inspiration, see here.


One response to “Friday Favorites

  1. Ooh! Trashy TV is the best! 🙂 I watch Pretty Little Liars already but I’ll look up this other one you mentioned. And I just started watching Devious Maids – I love it (it’s from the same makers of Desperate Housewives).

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