Baker’s Basics: Cheat Sheet

We could all use a little help from time to time. Especially where math and conversion is concerned. Now something that everyone knows about me is, math and I don’t get along. I was never the one who could recite the times table or the one who could quickly calculate 23 times 45 minus 13 plus 8. Like, whaaat?! So imagine me doing bakers math in the middle of cake batter kind of situations. Batter don’t wait for no one, people. So, to make life easier for me and you, I made a cheat sheet. This will help you get through most conversions, tear free. I switched to a digital weighing scale a long time ago, versus guessing cup measurements so if you’re anything like me, you’ll tape this to your fridge up till a point where you can recite it by heart. Yeah, we have all been there. Tape this, stuff it in your pocket or make a laminated copy for your store cupboard because you know you’ll use it.

I’ve managed to scrounge around for the absolute basics – eggs, milk, flour, that kind of thing but for specific enlightenment, there’s always Google. Some of my favorite sources include Joy of Baking and Annie’s Eats.


To save this to your desktop, simply right-click and select ‘Save Image As..’ and select a folder to save the image to. 
Happy baking, math free! xo

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