Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! I was looking forward to the end of this week because I have a very exciting workshop tomorrow! What are your weekend plans?

#1 Since last week’s enormous rainfall, there has been absolutely no rain since. Oddly, milkshakes are on my mind. I have especially been eyeing this one. Total hunk right?

#2 With a super hectic week, I’ve had no time for reading. But, I found a super cool Pinterest board with all the books I’d like to read. It’s not a total coincidence that it’s by my all time favorite blogger, Annies Eats.

#3 When I’m working on blog posts or anything of the like, I like to have the TV on in the background and it always, always plays TLC. Off late, I’ve been watching The Originals with Emeril. Totally addicted. Also planning a trip to New Orleans!

#4 I recently came across an article on on using the right knives for slicing and dicing. Good read and very, very informative.

Photo Framed:
Source: Erica O Brien (via Pinterest)
I never like fondant cakes but this cake looks totally workable with sugar cookies, dont you think? I'm in love with the simplicity of it!

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