Baker’s Sale!

Thank you, for all of you who sent in emails, congratulatory tweets or Instagram wishes! Because of YOU, so many bravehearts came and wiped out my table in 3 hours flat!

On the day of the sale (Sunday), the weather was super stormy and it hadn’t stopped raining for about 12 hours. While frosting my cakes, I thought, nobody is going to trek through the rain for a few desserts, surely. I was underestimating the spirit. There were nearly 200 people over the course of 4 hours. I met some very nice people, who had their mouth full of this cake and bags full of some homemade salted caramel sauce, baby cream cheese pound cakes and devil’s food cake cookies. There was free wine and a very engaging acoustic set by a local artist. All in all, it was the perfect evening – the weather eventually turned (for a while) and people really let their hair down! By the end of the evening, you could see everyone lugging around bags full of sugary things to take home. Now that is how you end the week, people!

I have some pictures below of the sale and products on display (excuse the lighting, it was a very grey day).


photophoto 1 photo 3

photo 2


photo 1 photo 2

I hope you guys had a good weekend! Normal posting to resume soon!

UPDATE: You can also read all about the sale (and look at some pictures) by the woman of the hour herself! Read here.


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