Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! I have some exciting news to share!

#1 If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know that I’m going to participating in a pop-up bake sale happening this Sunday! If sugary treats aren’t enough of an incentive, there’s also wine and an acoustic set by a local band. Rainy Sundays just can’t get better, people. The sale has been receiving tremendous buzz and you can see that I’ve been covered here by major daily newspaper along with other participating bakers! Eeps! The festival has also been covered here.

#2 I recently came across Bloglovin’. I’ve installed the app on my phone and I have to tell you how easy my life has become! You essentially subscribe to a list of blogs and it works like any other reader. The app: super handy for when you’re waiting in the line at the supermarket or travelling. Love!

#3 Have you guys heard of Daphne Oz? She’s the host of a TV show called The Chew and author of several books. I’ve been reading one of her books called The Dorm Room Diet. The title says diet but it is really a closer look at unhealthy eating practices that essentially peaking during college days, thus the title, but it is really applicable at any point in your life when you’re stressed and not paying enough attention to eating right. So far, I’m hooked. It works to have a book that is informative and has a blueprint of a plan – so really, you design one that suits you.

#4 I’m always up for learning more and more about ingredients – whatever they maybe. I recently came across this handy one by Martha Stewart. Not just restricted to baking, it covers 6 intriguing questions (for more such trivia, follow my Pinterest board).

Photo Framed:
Vanilla Cake with Tiramisu Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache Filling
Love and Olive Oil is my all time favorite blog - this cake has vanilla cake, tiramisu buttercream and ganache filling - hooked yet? For more such cakes, follow my Pinterest board.

One response to “Friday Favorites

  1. Good luck for the Sunday sale, Rosh! 🙂 Hope your sugary treats are the talk of the town. I’ll tell my friend Mallika to visit. She lives very close!

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