Friday Favorites!



I can’t believe its Friday already! This week has gone by so quickly! Possibly because I’ve had a lot to do this week too – May has so many birthdays! Thanks to everyone placing orders, I’ve been baking up birthday cupcakes and birthday cookies like there’s no tomorrow. Next week, I plan to share some interesting packaging ideas, since I’ve got enough practice!

#1 I finally saw The Great Gatsby! I’m a huge fan of the book and re-read it in anticipation of the movie. I wasn’t disappointed but I wasn’t amazed by it either. The second half seemed to go on forever and the first half was a blur. That being said, I’m a new fan of Leonardo Di Caprio.  Also, I’m so in love with the soundtrack. I think they’ve combined possibly all of my favorite artists on one album!

#2 I’m working on an FAQ page this weekend. Do you have any questions? Email me and I’ll include them!

#3 I’m in love with all these spaces. ALL of them.

#4 I think one of the perks of blogging is discovering new blogs. I’m so excited everytime I find a favorite blog. It doesn’t always have to do with cooking or eating, though. Recently, I’ve discovered The Small Things and The Beauty Department.  What are some of your favorites?

Photo Framed:
Best in Show
Source: Martha Stewart (via Pinterest)
My adorable nephew turns 1 next week and I'm on cake duty. I'm really considering making this dog cake! 



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