Friday Favorites!


Happy Friday!

This week has been incredibly busy – friend’s wedding, grandparent’s anniversary and so many birthday celebrations! Happy week, indeed.

#1 I made a major stride this week attempting a ruffle cake for the first time! I survived! I’m working on a detailed post over the weekend and will post it soon!

#2 I read Reconstructing Amelia this week. These days, I haven’t been much for novels but something about the synopsis had me hooked. It’s about a mother who lost her daughter to alleged suicide and tries to put the pieces of her life together to prove otherwise. A real page turner, I thought and a good break from all my philosophy themed books!

#3 I’ve been thinking of including a new category on the blog. I’m not much of a breakfast eater (1 giant cup of coffee) but lately I’ve been thinking about trying new things, food wise. I always love hotel breakfasts whenever I travel and hopefully want to translate some of that back home. Any ideas?

#4 I recently found the holy grail for baking up the perfect chocolate chip cookies (thanks Vriti!). I haven’t stopped reading it and now have an overwhelming urge to bake cookies. Check this post now!

Photo Framed:
                                         Source: Flourishing Foodie 
A cloud cake is definitely on my mind now, especially after attempting this rose cake and this ruffle layer cake.

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