Mother’s Day


Did you know Mother’s Day is almost here? May 12th is getting awfully close and now is a good time as any to bake her a special cake or whip up a brunch. If you’re in a jam, I have some really fun options for you to try. Below, is a carefully selected Mother’s Day brunch menu. The theme is that its all super easy to make and perfectly light, keeping in mind the weather. Apart from that, I have a few quirky gifting options for you that I found around the web. Thank me later.


Chicken & Mint Salad is practically a staple in our house. It’s lives up to it’s no-fuss nature and requires very little except some fresh lettuce and tomatoes and light, minty dressing with grilled chicken. It’s the perfect way to start any brunch!



Spaghetti in rich, heady bolognaise sauce is hard to refuse. Accompanied with grated Parmesan and lots of fresh herbs, it makes you want to dunk your face in.


Whatever the question, this cake is always the answer. It’s simple to make with an unbeatable denseness that comes with the brownie-like method. A perfect accompaniment to a good meal!


photo 4

#1/ A Few Of My Favorite Things – I love the idea of collecting a few of my mother’s favorite presents and collecting them in a pretty box – scented candles, books, DVDs and perhaps some muffins.

Source: Homemade Gifts

#2/ I love the idea of vouchers! They can be super fun ones that include more than a night off cooking or laundry. I’m thinking spa day or perhaps movie night! They could even include one to work on a project together! I’m so getting one to help my mom with this deliciously gratifying one.

File:Amazon Kindle 3.JPG

#3/ Nothing beats a good book. Nothing. I’m especially happy with my Kindle which is available at Croma. They go down particularly well with these cookies.


#4/ DIY Recipe Cards might be too tongue-in-cheek for someone who may have very well taught you everything you know about cooking, but it can be a fun project to take up together with you documenting family recipes together, putting them on fun cards and saving them for future generations.


#5/Creativity can come from anywhere. Get your mom started on a blog (that you can create for her), or perhaps a website or even something as simple as Pinterest. Its always fun to do something together and given time, it can be the fuel for something amazing to come. There are plenty of blog options available, apart from which there’s always Pinterest, Vine, Twitter or even Skillshare.

Happy baking, as always! x


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