Friday Favourites!


This post is coming to you from the sunny, sunny land of Dubai! Spontaneous holidays are the best, even if they are just to your hometown. I’m currently enjoying great weather and some really good local (and most favorite) cuisine. While I’m gone, I leave you with some of the interesting things I’ve found this week:

#1 So it seems that I’ve developed a sickness. Nothing to worry about, it’s just a (not so) mild addiction to online book shopping. While it was a long time coming, I have been enjoying the benefits of an addict. I recently bought this book and I’ve been flipping through it non-stop. I love that a little piece of vintage is now available in book form (and soon enough – in cake form!). The first thing I plan to try is Wacky Cake.

#2 The weather here is turning from pleasant to not so and all I can think about is icecream. I was recently contemplating packing up an entire icecream bar to take home and it surprises me because I don’t like icecream. Recently, I came across an icecream sundae bar on Cupcakes & Cashmere (love the blog!) and I’m determined to make a day of it. Soon!

#3 Have you guys heard of Jupiter Skye? I recently came upon it and I’ve been blog-crushing on it since! It’s full of cute illustrations, DIY tips and some really amazing pictures — one of the brighter, more refreshing blogs I’ve seen in a long time!

#4 I’ve been packing up cookie and muffin hampers like there’s no tomorrow. Suddenly, my cookies and muffins are travelling world over. I’m putting together a list of travel friendly baked goods that are baked to be shared from friends across the world. I’ll also include some simple packaging tips that will make sure you’ve crossed everything off your list. What are some of the things you wish to send across to your near and not so near friends?

P.S – I’m considering adding pictures of things that have inspired me every week, with original sources credited. What do you think?

Photo Framed:

With Mother’s Day coming up (May 12th!), I’ve been thinking of the perfect cake to bake. My mother isn’t too much for dessert (tragic, I know) but she loves certain things I make. I’ve been wanting to experiment more with frosting ideas, especially after the last one was so appreciated. Of course, I turned to Pinterest and look what I found:

(To follow my cake board, click here. To follow all my boards, click here)

Find original source here.



2 responses to “Friday Favourites!

  1. OOOH! You mentioned me here. 🙂 I feel famous! [ Holidays are the best, especially with family and friends. Stationery and book shopping are one of my biggest vices, you know. 😦 But how can anyone not love books, no? The Vintage Cakes cover looks pretty tempting. I have plans to flick this really heavy book of cake-baking-and-making that my mum purchased a very, very long time ago. The pages smell nice, not cake-like, but I love the smell, and the cakes + pictures + recipes + everything is just what dreams were made of, for me, then. They still are, in a way! 🙂 ] – { }

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