DIY Recipe Book

I’m super excited about this post! Making a DIY recipe book is an ideal gift for anyone – the kitchen veteran or the novice. It started off with my best friend’s birthday (she’s a kitchen rookie but can make a mean batch of maple and chocolate chip cookies!) and I wanted to give her something she would actually use but equally personal and thoughtful. After all, she got my Le Creuset pots AND a pasta maker! How could I not reciprocate?


1. The first thing you need to know about making your own recipe book is to remember that it is in fact, YOUR book. My advice would be to not look up templates online because they only cloud over your personalized ideas.  I tried looking up some templates and they just weren’t personal enough. Start with a color scheme. Perhaps it could be the recipient’s favorite color?

2. Secondly, have a basic idea of a few recipes you want to include in the book. Mine were split into 4 sections. I definitely knew I wanted to include desserts and main courses. The rest of the 2 were built around it. I included 5 recipes per section. For a kick, I made them rhyme:

“- Needy – Soul food, at it’s buttery best

– Speedy – This your cake fix, on speed dial

– Goddess-y – Strap on your halo and prepare for nothing short of amazing

– Meaty – For comfort, only carbs and meat can provide”

3. Using adorable fonts and simple layouts are the key to easily readable recipes. Visit for fonts. You can download them straight to your desktop or for one-time use, you can always type up the message on the website and copy-paste. How easy is that! My layout was pretty simple – a sidebar on the left for ingredients and the recipe written in the center. The top half of the page read ‘From The Kitchen of The Vanilla Bean Bakery!’.  For template source, see here.

Hope this helps!




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