I’m very much alive, although not cooking as much as I’d like. To keep it brief – I have spent the past 3 weeks redecorating the house with my  family. It involves cold meals, too many coffees, suitcases, boxes, dust, paint fumes and a record breaking amount of visits to furniture stores. 

Just to catch you up, here’s life at the moment in pictures:

I fell in *love* with this fairy light contraption – as a compromise we agreed to get LED lights for my bookshelf (see below)

Our room was painted aquamarine blue – it marks the first thing my sister and I agreed on almost immediately!

Major perk of remodelling – BUBBLE WRAP!
I’ve been hooked onto this website since I discovered it on Twitter. Just ordered some totally necessary supplies for my baking shelf. Yay!

Before we went on this witch hunt for furniture, I collected some pictures off the internet so we could know what to look for – this was calling my name. Yes, we got something similar! Cannot.wait!
In between carpenter visits and long drives to buy a variety of things, this book has kept me company. Fascinating, fascinating read. 
Brand new on my brand new bookshelf. I wish my kitchen would hurry itself up so I could begin to make these adorable desserts!
One of the advantages of hunting for furniture involved multiple trips to the other part of town  ergo, crossing this bridge. It always surprises me just how much I love this view!


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