While this gap certainly isn’t the longest that I’ve been away, it has certainly been the most torturous. There has been so much going on at home with the upcoming festival season that we are planning to host at home (just like every year!), home repairing and sprucing and finally, trading in our beloved cars for a brand new one. There has also been an influx of orders from a lot of people, some requests for workshops – all to accommodate the festive season! Oh, how I love this time of the year!
While that doesn’t sound like much work, it does involve a lot of paperwork, surprisingly. Amidst all this, I have been only finding time to read and discover new blogs and making new blogger friends (you’ve got to love technology for that!). Anyway, I’m quite looking forward to just trying out my never ending recipes and getting back into the rhythm of cooking, blogging and eating!
I thought I’d just share some of the interesting stuff I’ve come across lately:
I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking style – he moves with precision and when there’s a whole show dedicated to watch him work his magic, you better believe I’d be the first to watch! I’ve watched this show twice since I downloaded its pilot episode. Yesterday. That’s just how good it is. Its full of handy hints and chef secrets are discussed. Like how to deftly cut vegetables. Yes. Go watch now!

I’ve been reading: Paris,  My Sweet 

I can’t seem to put this book down. It seems to find its way into my schedule and I read it even if I have 10 minutes to spare. It’s a gawk-book about the best desserts in New York and Paris. If nothing else, you have to read it just for the ardent devotion Amy Thomas shows to all things sweet. You must also have a look through for some of the amazing flavor pairings Amy happens to mention. Especially when it comes to macarons. I never thought one could run sentences on for endless pages describing macarons. It’s pure poetry people. My favorite paragraph yet:
I’ve been drinking: Green Tea with Madagascar Vanilla
I happened to go to Indigo Deli one rainy afternoon and I could think of nothing better than to order a pot of tea. I’m not much of a tea drinker because I love, love, love coffee but I occasionally enjoy Earl Grey and now this! If you can get your hands on tea bags, don’t think twice before picking them up! The tea tastes cinnamon-y with an elegant but not OTT infusion of vanilla. Just parfait.
I’ve been reading: Sugar Crafter, Bake At 350, How Sweet Eats, Pastry Affair
One of my favorite things about blogging is discovering new blogs. I love thumbing through carefully drawn up recipe indexes, beautiful pictures and of course, the treasured recipes. Its the same thing I feel when I open up a new book (without the awesome new book smell). These blogs are now on my obsession list:
I’ve been eating: Lavender Macarons from Le15!
Let me let you in on a little secret – I was never a big fan of macarons. It’s not like I haven’t tried the Le15 ones before, it just never caught on with me. Till recently. How I love these macarons! With any lavender infused dessert, it’s absolutely crucial that the amount is just right. Too little and the taste doesn’t awe your tastebuds and if its too much you’ll feel like you swallowed soap. Le15, however, has kept me coming back. What are your favorite lavender based desserts?
Rose & Lavender Macarons
I’ve been listening to: Nouvelle Vague
I don’t know if its because I’ve been reading so much about Paris lately but Nouvelle Vague has some amazing music! I’ve been working out to it, singing along to it, baking along it and humming along to it. C’est bien!
Normal life should resume soon. Till then happy baking!

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