Baking How To’s (Part 3): Top 5 Kitchen Things You Definitely Need

  1. Ring Mould
  2. For cheesecakes that you want to send to your sweetie or mousse cakes or layered cakes – you definitely need a ring mould. You don’t need to restrict yourself to one size – you could buy adorable 4″ ones or a regular 8″. Just make sure it matches the diameter of your cake mould.
  3. Shot Glasses, trifle cups & martini glasses
  4. I love my collection of shot glasses and trifle cups! Layered desserts are no fun if they are in a simple ol’ glass bowl. You must definitely think of serving it up in a fun way with these things! I use shot glasses for many things, especially puddings. Trifle cups are used for my all time favorite banoffee and martini glasses can be fun serving containers for individual cupcakes.
  5. Color!
  6. I have a rather embarrassing collection of colorful spatulas, mixing bowls and serving trays but I love a little bit of color in the kitchen. Makes for excellent pictures and just brightens everything up!
  7. Ice-cream scooper
  8. So handy for scooping up cupcake batter. Also excellent for making perfectly shaped cookies – every.single.time!
  9. Mason jars
  10. Across the food blogosphere, there’s always someone helping spread the DIY fever. Once that hits you, you know you need mason jars. Be it for making cake in a jar (someday!) or homemade sauces for lattes.

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