Baking How-Tos (Part 2): Bakinspiration!

    I remember reading this quote long ago and for reasons unknown (I wasn’t into baking then), it really stuck with me. I figured I’d find my source of inspiration and use it too at some point in life – maybe then I’d finally comprehend the gravity of it.

    “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Fashion is everywhere.” ~ Coco Chanel
    I know that its fashion related on its surface but the truth behind it all applies to us, doesn’t it?  Inspiration for food is not something that exists on my plate or among my kitchen cabinets. It extends to the sky, the street too. If you take one quick look around, food is everywhere, so imbibed in our daily lives that we have to stop for a moment and take it all in. It’s everywhere.
    So by the extension of that logic, it may not be totally hard to find inspiration right? Right. While I love my books (read tribute to them here), I’m not always inspired by those pages. That being said, I’m not always inspired by food blogs too. This post is definitely a how-to but its less of a strict adherence to rules and more a blueprint for you. I hope it enables you to start your very own inspirational notebook. 

    Inspiration strikes when?
    Mostly when there are 3 (maybe more) hungry people waiting for dinner and there’s all but 5 things in the fridge. Sometimes when I’m reading my precious cookbooks, sometimes while I’m thumbing through my favorite blogs or the occasional newbie blog and sometimes when I eat something so especially good that I’m forced to recreate it. Sometimes when I’m watching something or reading something non-food related. Sometimes, I’m forced to look for it.
    What gets me going?
    These blogs and websites are my daily hangouts. I can’t not go through them everyday. Though, I’ll admit more often than not, with the amount of TV shows I watch, it’s a scene from it that makes me crave something (i.e. forces me to make it)
    Top 5 sources?
  1. Annie’s Eats – I love this blog. It’s my ultimate favorite. It’s also the first blog I check. She updates it daily and is a mom to 2 kids apart from handling a fulltime job. Superwoman.
  2. Amy Atlas – I love planning events (centered around food obviously) and this blog is like a bible! I consult it for everything – menus, additional details, crafts etc. Hopefully, there can be more events featured here.
  3. Nigella Lawson’s books – no surprise here. She’s my food hero. I have to restrain myself from going through her books because I definitely end up making something from them. I’ve read them so many times now that I’ve memorized the notes and recipes!
  4. Donna Hay’s TV show (and now book) – Fast, fresh and simple. That’s exactly why.
  5. TV shows and other books – Like Sheldon’s craving for spaghetti or Phoebe’s cookies or most of the cupcakes mentioned in How to eat a cupcake or something exotic on every page of Like Water For Chocolate.
  6. Hope this gets you baking!

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