Tortilla Rollup Salad

    This is god sent. Seriously. I’m not big on salads that aren’t slathered with blue cheese dressing or something like that. But I was sold on this one. Actually, I saw this recipe in tortilla rollup form and I thought meh. But tortilla rollups are big in our house – they are my mom’s answer to ‘quick, easy, weeknight dinner’ . I don’t complain – I love them as much as she loves making them. I thought I could spin the regular tortilla-and-lunchmeat-combo but I improvised and made this salad instead to try and attempt my dislike for them (In all honesty, I also badly wanted to add a salad category to this blog but that’s a story for another day). 
    While the recipe in itself is not complex/involves a lot of dishes, its broken down into stages – the vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, lettuce are tossed together with some salt, pepper and lemon juice, the tortilla is baked in the oven for 20 minutes till crisp, the lunchmeat is thawed, boiled and cut into strips, the herbs like basil, chives and flat leaf parsley are chifonaded and mixed with the carrots etc and finally the dressing is a simple mix of cream cheese, olive oil and salt & pepper. I made them a few hours before dinner – so I just refrigerated/set them aside in their stages. Then, 2 minutes before – just tossed them together. 
    P.S – This was part of the Father’s Day Brunch!
    Tortilla Rollup Salad
    Serves: 4
    1 wholegrain tortilla
    1 large carrot, peeled
    1 Lebanese cucumber
    A handful of cherry tomatoes
    6 – 8 basil leaves
    1 tbs chives
    1 tbs spring onions, green bits
    A handful of flat-leaf parsley
    4 – 6 tbs of cream cheese (I used amul)
    2 – 4 tbs extra virgin olive oil
    1 lettuce, leaves roughly torn up
    1 whole lemon, squeezed
    Lunchmeat of choice, thawed and boiled
    Salt and pepper, to taste
  1. Pre-heat the oven to its highest temperature and bake the tortilla – ensuring you turn it once in a while for 20 minutes or until crisp. Set aside.
  2. Mix cream cheese with olive oil and some lemon juice till its runny.
  3. Mix chopped basil, parsley, spring onions and chives together and set aside for a moment. Peel and slice the carrot into thin slices with the help of a mandolin slicer. Deseed the cucumber and cut into strips. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and in a salad bowl, add the lettuce leaves along with the cherry tomatoes, cucumber and carrot sticks. Add the herbs, toss to combine and lightly season at this stage.
  4. Just before serving, roughly break up the tortilla into large, uneven pieces. Use the tines of a fork to add salad dressing. Add strips of lunchmeat and serve!


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