Indigo Deli – Meal Review!

I think one of the few (and there are so very few) drawbacks of being a food lover is that sometimes you are forced to choose. I hate choosing. I always love a multitude of options that exist in a city like mine for people like me – restaurants of every possible cuisine crammed in every possible corner is like living the dream. So when someone asks the discerning gourmand in me (and she doesn’t surface too often) which restaurant is “the best” or which is my “favorite cuisine”, my expression is always a fine blend of horror and disgust. You can’t ask me to pick! So, now that you know the back story I can finally move on to tell you that even though Indigo Deli comes super close to my favorite restaurant for now, it isn’t quite there yet simply because I’m not choosing not because it wasn’t deserving of the title.

Reservations etc:
Indigo Deli, for those who are unaware (why so?) is located, among other locations across the city, at Palladium Mall. You must definitely schedule this much in advance (Monday, if you want a table on Friday) if you want a table as they are booked solid by Wednesday. The alternate option is to ensure that you get there a little before 8 pm so they can accommodate you. We called on Wednesday and they were fully booked but we were wait-listed. We arrived a little before 8 pm and were seated promptly at a decent table. The staff was knowledgeable without being intrusive, polite without being overbearingly so and friendly too. In fine dining, all of the above qualities are a must for me. You wouldn’t pay through your nose to enjoy a good meal only to have it spoiled by some snooty server. So within few minutes of being there, I was already at ease.

Menu construction
The menu at Indigo Deli is well constructed. If nothing else, it reflects just how well it understands its patrons. Located in mall with so many food options can be quite challenging but the menu reflected grace. It had breakfast options, lunch, dinner and dessert plus daily specials and seasonal desserts. This is perfect for someone who is grabbing a meal on the go, during a business meeting or a leisurely, indulgent dinner. I admired the fact that they stayed away from the cliches – breakfast smoothies, an extensive list of egg options etc. The menu was clear and concise – a rarity these days. They also have an impressive wine list including Sangria which is a house specialty apart from the regular soft drinks fare. They don’t serve hard liquor.

Meal Review
We started off with superb sourdough bread and creamy butter. The bread was fresh and even though I’m not a huge fan of sourdough, I did find myself reaching for it more than once. I would have enjoyed herb butter with it though – plain ol’ butter just seemed to be a sore thumb. We skipped the traditional route of salad, appetizer, mains etc and skipped straight to the sandwiches – the pride of Indigo Deli. We also ordered a platter of Calamari with Aioli. The sandwich selection, after hours of agonizing, was finally narrowed down to Philly Cheese Steak and Turkey with Swiss Cheese and Bacon on Rye. The Philly Cheese Steak was swimming in sauce and the cheese was sharp enough to cut into the tomato-ey sauce. The bread was grilled just how I like it – not too much so it hurts the roof of your mouth. Finding a good Philly Cheese Steak here is not totally impossible but adjacent to it so I was pleasantly surprised by just how well the beef was cooked – well done without being overly chewy. I definitely will dream about this for days to come. The Turkey with Swiss Cheese and Bacon on Rye was the star of the meal for me. Although a parma ham option was available, my fellow diner, a health freak decided to go for turkey. It was perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked and succulent enough to soak the crispy bacon and the acidic cheese. The fact that it remained light on the digestive system didn’t hurt either. I found myself secretly eating this the following day from the doggy bag, ensuring my fellow diner didn’t see me gobble it up. I am definitely ordering this again. Both sandwiches were accompanied by a side of a simple salad with house dressing and potato wedges.
From the food groups, although chicken is always number 1, seafood comes a close second to lamb. For me, seafood has to be cooked right, presented well and most importantly smell aromatic and not the opposite. The calamari was delicately flavored in a fish-y broth that somehow brought all the elements together without overpowering them. The aioli was superb – beyond words to describe it. It counterbalanced the calamari perfectly. It was an impressive blend of citrus and herb flavors with the calamari as its blank canvas. Amazing.
By the time we got to dessert, we were too full and too disappointed (that we were full) because from all of the courses, we were quite looking forward to dessert. We ogled at the desserts but it didn’t help with whetting the appetite. Instead, we took a bag of cookies to go. The next time, we intend on going there just for dessert to make up for this tragic time. Their classic chocolate chip cookies fulfilled their intention – they were comforting, speckled with bits of dark chocolate and chewy in the right places. Unlike the crumbly biscuit you taste every where else which just seems to be merely labelled cookie, Indigo hit all the right notes.

I am counting hours for my next meal there. Although its definitely steep, it is the ideal location to celebrate something special – the food obviously reflects it. It is designed to help you forget the calorie counting, the excessive workout you might do the next day or anything that might be worrying you. It is designed to comfort you by indulging you. And you know what? It is exactly what you need sometimes. Don’t think, just save up and go for it.

P.S – Goes without saying – the review was conducted anonymously and was paid for by us.


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