Weekend Roundup

I am terribly sorry about all the silence here! I’m so glad to be back! I’ve had internet trouble for what seemed like ages – but it feels really good to be back online! It’s been a tough week – some kitchen disasters (garlic oven baked fries didn’t work for me! But they are my Everest – some day!), an all-India strike (where ALL the stores were closed for a day prompting me to cancel a dinner party where I was planning to make the dip etc) and internet trouble. Sometimes, it’s just a bad week. But, some incredibly fun things happened too – I attended a writing workshop by Sathya Saran (go read about her here), made some new friends (read one such girl’s blog here – she was inspired after the workshop!) and forgot just how much I love creative writing.
As per usual, the weekend roundup for this weekend:
Where I’m eating: I’m super excited to finally eat at Indigo Deli – they’re close becoming one of my favorite restaurants! I’ve been there before but tonight I’m going to be sampling some of their menu’s best. Stay tuned for a dedicated post!
What I’m Reading: I’m addicted to Reader’s Digest. As suggested by Sathya Saran, it’s your one stop shop for insightful reading. I’m skipping the novel routine this week and devoting my time to this magazine instead. 
What I’m Baking: Red Velvet Cupcakes by Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook
It’s specially for the ardent supporters of Red Velvet out there – straight from the bakery that made them legendary!
What I’m Watching: I happen to love legal drama (to the point of becoming a junkie!) and I’m going to be re-re-re-watching season 1 of Suits to prepare myself for the second season premiere!
Bookmarked for the week: 
Tortilla Rollups from The Pioneer Woman
Teriyaki Chicken from Annie’s Eats
Missisipi Mud Pie from Annie’s Eats

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