Brigadeiros (bree-gah-dea-eros)

Bree-gah-dea-eros. Brigadeiros. You have to roll the rrrr’s for this one.
I have no prior experience of heaven or heavenly things. I’m just not at that stage in life where I’m contemplating about the heavens. But I do know this – if and when I do go I want brigadeiros to be around. Permanently. They are so amazing that I have no option but to quit describing it and ask you to make them. Now. You cant sit here drooling at your screen while I go on to talk about how amazing they are, how awesome they taste, how easy they are to make, how non-expensive they are because they require just three ingredients…   
I’ll stop. Cautionary note – even though they are superbly easy to make, our weather which hasn’t been too kind lately does not support truffle making. I’d suggest you make this well ahead of time – despite the original recipe stating that it doesn’t require refrigeration, I refrigerated mine for a good amount of time (approximately 3 – 4 hours) and even then they weren’t totally malleable. Of course their texture is much softer than truffles but I still find that you need to work in a cold room. What helps – spooning a tablespoon (approximately – don’t too exact) of them right onto whatever coating you decide (I intensely dislike vermicelli – I went with crushed hazelnuts only because I had them lying around – cocoa powder would work just as well), letting it absorb some of the ‘dry’ ingredient and then rolling it on the plate with the coating itself. In case of doubt, always refrigerate for a while.  
Yields: Approximately 20 (it depends on how you roll them)
1 can of condensed milk (14 oz or 400ml can)
2/3 cup (116 g) Chocolate Chips (should be around 60% cocoa – mine were 53% Callebaut Chocolate Chips)
1 tbs butter
Chocolate vermicelli/Cocoa powder/Ground nuts to coat
1. Combine the condensed milk, chocolate chips and butter. Heat in a medium saucepan till its thick and evenly combined. 
2. Pour the mixture into a non-reactive pan and refrigerate till its firm and scoop-able
3. Arrange a tray with ground nuts or whatever coating you choose, remove refrigerated mixture and working quickly in a cold room, roll them into even sized balls. Refrigerate till serving. 


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