Weekend Roundup

Here’s what I’m going to be pouring over this weekend:

I’m super addicted to this book and about halfway through it already. It’s a detailed account of a woman who turns her life around by dedicating one month of an entire year to 12 different aspects of her life, focusing on how she can make herself happier on the whole.

What I’m Baking: Fairy Coconut Kisses
Okay, the kitschy recipe name drew me in but it involves coconut too so I was pretty much sold on the idea of these fabulous cookies. Post to follow!

I’m not sure what genre this song goes under but I know I wasn’t a big fan of it until this song. It’s playing on repeat this weekend!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was a fan of Carey Mulligan since Pride & Prejudice. She was hardly noticeable then but this movie looks like her breakthrough and I can’t wait to watch it!

Bookmarked for the week:
  • Nutella Cheesecake by Nigella Lawson – I don’t need any convincing on this one!
  • Tomato & Mozarella Pasta Al Forno by Annies Eats – We have a very strict meatless monday policy in our house and this dish is perfect for it!
  • Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies by Browneyedbaker – I’ve tried to avoid the cookie craze as much as possible (I think they aren’t as fun as making cupcakes) but I’ll admit I’m drawn to these cookies.
Happy baking!

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