It’s A Party!

I have been loving life so far. What’s not to like? I get to bake everyday under the most talented, most patient chefs I know. I get to conquer my kitchen fears under their very noses and I also made some friends along the way. I’m so enamored by everything I’m learning now  – not just how make sure something turns out beautifully but also learning how to fix the little errors, the effect weather can have on the outcome of a pie, gluten formation, the secret to a really, really crumbly shortcrust pastry – I could go on but I do have something more exciting to share with you all:

A few weeks ago, I met my superbly talented blogger friend of On My Platter for coffee and conversation and when we remembered that Friendship’s Day was coming up, eureka struck! We are hosting our very first virtual party to celebrate Friendship’s Day! Of course, all of you wonderful people are invited! How it works? Pretty simple actually:

  • On Friendship’s Day, all those participating must post a recipe – something they would actually take to a Friendship’s Day brunch – on their blog. It must be a new recipe, it definitely cannot be something you might have posted earlier. After all, this is a party and I know you don’t need that excuse to try something new and exciting in the kitchen!
  • After you’ve have posted the recipe, you must link back to the hosts’ blogs – mine and On My Platter so that the readers can check other blogs who are participating. Of course, you must email me on or Renita at to let us know that you would be participating a few days before so we can collate the links. As hosts of the party, we would have all the participating links on our blog.
  • Ideally, but we wouldn’t enforce this too strictly, the recipes must be party food and if they are especially created for Friendship’s Day, then all the better!
  • Spread the word! Get others to join the fun – the more, the merrier!

I really do hope you guys can come and bring something to share with us! Hope to see you soon!

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