Cake Pops!

Is it just me or does everyone find the prospect of cake pops terrifying? Maybe it’s the idea of smashing a carefully made cake into bits but I’ve always stayed away from them. They’re cute, sure and they have a lot of scope to get creative with them but I could never smash a perfectly made cake! Today, however, I had to. I made batch of these cupcakes and 2 of them were slightly burnt at the bottom. They were already iced and of course, I couldn’t just let them go to waste so I decided to make cake pops. Needless to say, I’m a convert now. It’s the ultimate solution to a sunken cake, burnt cake etc. Even the best have kitchen disasters sometimes.

 Cake Pops
Yields: 2 cupcakes = 12 cake pops
Adapted from: Bakerella
Picture tutorial below:
Scrape off the burnt bottoms of the cupcakes (if any) and cut them into cubes.

In 10 second bursts, put the cubed cakes into the microwave (Mine were straight out of the refrigerator but you could skip the step if your cakes are warm – I think microwaving them made it easier to mix together) till the cakes are warm. At this stage, you could add nuts, chocolate chips or anything you like!

Roll them into balls and refrigerate for an hour, at least.

Roll the refrigerated balls into 100gms of melted chocolate. For me, 2 cupcakes made 12 balls and 100gms of chocolate was more than sufficient to coat them.

Refrigerate again for an hour. Add some sprinkles or chopped nuts and serve!

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