Oh, I have news alright! I’m happy to announce that I have now been officially blogging for six months! And, as a side note, my page views finally crossed the 1,000 mark! For those of you who’ve been blogging for years, this definitely wouldn’t qualify as a milestone but I think to me, it was pretty significant. I have found wonderful friends, a host of food blogs that are so much more than food, a book club and some encouragement to finally join a patisserie course. Not to forget, blogging and blog-surfing has left me a lot wiser, kitchen-wise. I thought I’d share some of my precious investments with you to mark this super happy day:

  1. Stand Mixer – Oh c’mon, you knew this was coming.  There has been a lot of debate over whether to invest in a stand mixer or not and I was definitely leaning towards not. You see, mixing with the hand mixer was an odd source of comfort to me. Plus, I thought there was more control with a hand mixer but I can’t tell you how much its eased my baking since I got a stand mixer. There is more uniformity  – everything is evenly mixed and making icing is no longer a nightmare. I’d suggest that if you are as cake crazy as me, it be best if you invest in one. The fact that for a lot of recipes, you just need to dump it all in one bowl and it also eases the washing up later is just the added bonus. Its no longer necessary to lug it from Europe or even the US (which by the way, is a waste since there is a huge difference in the voltage and it probably wont work here). I got mine from Dubai and it works beautifully. While there are a lot of ardent fans of KitchenAid, I got the Kenwood Titanium Chef. Now that I finally have this beaming on my kitchen counter, I can happily attempt bread making.
  2. A digital weighing scale – I was like you. I always thought, why would anyone go through the trouble of weighing on a scale when you have cups! I have to say, I happily converted during PurpleFoodie‘s baking class where I saw that it required even less effort than cups! Needless to say its made a huge difference to my baking! Everything rises the way its supposed to, everything is the appropriate color with the appropriate crumb etc. All you need to do is to ensure you buy one with a ‘tare’ button. I usually dump a large mixing bowl, press the tare button so the weight is back to zero, add my ingredients (for multiple ingredients, I press the tare button again after adding the first ingredient – a nifty trick taught to me by PurpleFoodie) and then go on to use them. I bought mine from Alfa at Irla and although its some shoddy Chinese brand, its doing fabulously. If you buy one with an option of ounces and grams, its even better! Oh and I’ve attached a table of measurements for you to print and stick on your refrigerator, like I did!
  3. Good quality vanilla extract – You could very well make your own like PurpleFoodie here or if you have some friends living abroad, ask them to buy you bottles of good quality vanilla extract. It is vital. I suspect that whatever is being sold here is merely imitation vanilla extract and here’s the scary thing about it “…Imitation vanilla extract is usually made by soaking alcohol into wood, which contains vanillin.” Now you don’t want to be eating wood do you?!
  4. Books – Here’s the thing about books vs blogs – they don’t depend on some broadcasting service to let you happily browse through them, hours on end. They NEVER let you down. Even though blogging and blog surfing allows interaction and has proved extremely helpful at times, books are the original source. You simply must, have a collection of trusty cookbooks on your shelves. My personal favorites are Nigella Lawson’s, Dorie Greenspan’s and I’m still waiting for PurpleFoodie to write one!
  5. A recipe journal – I hear you – in this day and age who actually writes down things? But its useful to have a pretty journal on your nightstand for those brilliant-but-will-probably-forget-tomorrow ideas and also to note down recipes you really treasure. It helps to have them written down someplace that is less frugal than your laptop.
  6. So there it is – without these four things my kitchen would be incomplete. Let me know what are your kitchen favorites!

2 responses to “Half-a-blogaversary!

  1. Hi Roshini! I stumbled across your site through the 'This Book Makes Me Cook' siteI too enjoy baking..I too have recently begun blogging I too have obsessively follow PurpleFoodie's site.A lot of what I may know today comes from her site. Looking forward to seeing many more blogs from youSarita

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