It’s an Eighties cake!

One of my favorite things to eat as a kid was a bowl heaped with jelly and custard. The “dish” won me over texture-wise, color-wise and needless to say, taste-wise too. Since then, I have wanted to create some kind of (sophisticated) dessert that involved jelly, creamy custard and sponge cake. And I cannot tell you how elated I was when I found this recipe on Lindsey’s blog! It came with some trivia too (I’m a history buff – who doesn’t love baking trivia?)! If you remember, the eighties was a colorful time. Obviously, this extended to food as well. Do note, this is the prettiest dessert I’ve made so far. The pictures below do not do justice so you have to make this yourself to really, really gush about this pretty cake.

There’s barely a recipe for this one – just mere assembling. Did I hear a hallelujah? Here goes:

Use your go-to sponge cake or yellow cake recipe, wait till its fully done, pour your favorite jelly+water mixture over it and leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours, pour some custard before serving and wait for the fireworks to go off in your head! I have modified the recipe slightly to exclude whipped cream, just because I didn’t have it lying around at home but you could always add a generous swoosh-swoosh of whipped cream and top it up with some fruit if you want to avoid custard but I really urge you to try my version first and maybe thank me later!

I’ve included my favorite pound cake recipe but feel free to use yours:

Step 1: Baking the cake
Yields: One 9″ loaf
Adapted from: Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home To Yours

2 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt (Omit if using salted butter)
225g butter, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
4 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract (I used Pineapple extract)

  1. Grease a 9″ loaf tin and pre-heat the oven to 3500F/175oC.
  2. In a large bowl, sift together flour, baking powder and salt if using. Stir with fork till everything is sifted and combined. Set aside.
  3. In a bowl with a stand mixer attached or with a handheld mixer, beat butter till fluffy, 2 minutes to be precise. Next, add caster sugar and cream together for 5 minutes exactly.
  4. Add the eggs one at time, beating up to 1 minute after each addition. Make sure to scrape the sides of bowl between each addition. Add extract with the last of the egg and beat to combine.
  5. Gently fold in dry ingredients with wet and pour into the waiting tin.
  6. Bake for 40 to 60 minutes till tested done.

Note: If you intend to serve it in slices, then let the cake remain in the loaf tin. If you’re dessert is the centre of attention, then once the cake is cooled, transfer into a tight but pretty loaf dish. I say tight so that the cake absorbs all the jelly liquid. Otherwise, you’ll have one that’s floating about in jelly-like liquid.

Step 2: Jelly Mixture

1 packet jelly
2 cups boiling water

  1. Poke holes with a fork at regular intervals.
  2. In a measuring jug, add jelly crystals and pour water over it. Stir to combine and pour over loaf. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Serve with custard.


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